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Hello. My name is Leah. I am married to a totally great man named Matt and we have two children. Eleanor is 8 and Frances is almost 6. After taking six years to be at home with them I began working at the Montessori school they began attending each at age three. After completing two years as an assistant in a primary classroom working with children ages 2.5-6 I decided this was my calling. In May of 2013 I completed my Montessori training to become an AMS certified teacher. I did my training through the phenomenal program at Northeast Montessori Institute on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

My pre-child background is in modern dance, children's theater, and costume design and construction. Aside from my love of them I also love to cook, bake, and eat. I adore knitting and sewing for my family and others. I am often singing. Sometimes I can be found in the garden or curled up reading. I try to have as much fun as possible. I have heard that teachers are drawn to the age group they most identify with. Yup. Early childhood calls to me!

I am still fairly new to Montessori education but am very passionate about it and learning more about children and teaching. Everything I write about here on this blog are my own opinions. I love learning from others and am very excited to share my experiences and thoughts with you!


knitting, singing, chocolate, dancing, costuming, puppets, making lists, camping, eating, reading, playing with kids, stripes, picking at my toes, converse sneakers, children's theatre, period pieces of forbidden love, rolling change, pudding, baking...and on and on